Tuesday, September 13, 2011

woven leather bracelet tutorial

Cut your leather strips. One piece should be one yard, the other should wrap around your wrist twice.

fold the shorter piece in half and tie the end of the longer piece around the halfway mark.

this is how you weave:

2 goes over 3...

and then back under 3 and over 1...

and then back over 3...

now, pull it tight.

depending on which way you lay the pieces, your texture/pattern will change
I like mine to look like this:

once you've weaved enough to almost go all the way around your wrist, you're going to tie the end in a knot
this strand goes through this loop:

cut the extra off and glue down the end on the under side of the bracelet.

cut your loose ends way shorty, but just long enough to fit in your smash hook 
(I think there's a better name for those thingamabobs, but I don't remember it.)

smash your smash hook with your jewelry pliers.
do the same thing to the other end.

add a jump ring and hook on one end, and just a jump ring on the other end.

the end. 
enjoy :)

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