Saturday, September 3, 2011

nothin' like the summer

Just got back from spending the day at Bear Lake.
It was blissful.

There is really nothing like floating on the waves without a care in the world. 
(Except for wondering which guy might dunk you or throw mud at you.)
Or laying on the sand, basking in the sunlight and listening to a little country music.
Or eating a LaBeau's cookie dough milkshake and staring at the beautiful canyon out the car window on the drive home and thinking about the wonders of the earth.
As we drove down the streets near bear lake, I saw so many families getting their last summer vacation in.
And lots of cute families enjoying one of their last summer dinners out on their front porch.
There was lots of laughter, lots of hugging, good food, and sunshine.

That's what summer is. Family, friends, and relaxing.
Sometimes, I think we need vacations. 
Some time away from life. 

And yes, you have to go back. And probably pick up right where you left off.
Those concerns and stresses don't just go away.
But when you've had time to de-stress and get back to the basics,
you get the strength you need to do your best again.

And sometimes, sometimes you just need that. 

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