Thursday, September 22, 2011

crazy man

My life is funny. So, I'm walking in to my science, technology, and modern society class and the teacher from the previous class kicks me out because he's "finishing an exam". I go wait outside with the rest of my class. No big, right? Then Larry walks up to me and mumbles, "It's because it's Thursday..." Now, picture a younger version of Dumbledore with Utah State Aggies baseball cap and a faded USA bald eagle t-shirt. That's Larry. He went on to tell me about how Monday's are weird, but "on Thursdays, the cosmos realign and everything bizarre occurs."

I'm thinking Yeah, I guess today has been kind of weird... and Larry says, "Just you watch. It'll be weird." So, we go sit down in class and he tells me that I'm one of the few people he's ever told about this. 

Class goes on and suddenly the cosmos rearrange again our teacher can't get the projector to connect with the computer. From behind me I hear "It's because it's Thursday..." Then, the computer crashes completely and he says "Thursday..." 

What do you think? Rearranging cosmos or not, are Thursdays bizarre for you? 

And on a completely unrelated note, we celebrated my friend, Jeff's birthday last night. Mostly, we just ate cupcakes. "What just happened?" is an inside joke a bunch of us have had for quite a few years now.

Have you guys tried Betty Crocker's butter pecan cake mix? It is to DIE for. Dead, buried, happy taste buds. I'm serious. It's my favorite. And I always make homemade buttercream frosting for it.

Also, tonight I have a blind date with a boy from England. And that pretty much sums up all I know about him. Wish me luck?
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