Wednesday, September 14, 2011

around the apartment

roommates, minus one.

- Public laundry room. Scene 1: Moving the load from washer to dryer. Male neighbor is using the dryer above mine, so I either get to wait for him to finish, or awkwardly try to shove my bras into the dryer without him seeing. Scene 2: Removing the load from the dryer. Another male neighbor is sitting on the couch doing homework. "Hey! How are you? Can I help you with anything?" Ummm, sure. Wanna fold my panties while I collect all my bras from the drier? Ok, no.

- Let me set up another scene for you. It's after midnight, I'm headed to bed totally exhausted and out of it. My roommate come out of the bathroom with her pants unzipped (she's about to change into PJs and we're all girls, so who can blame her?) she creeps around into the kitchen and says "Ahhhhhh, I just love the bleachy smell of our toilet." Um, what?

- Same roommate, different day. She walks in to the apartment with her wet swimming suit from water aerobics. "Hey, where would you look for some kind of hook to hang a swimming suit out a window?" I gave her a funny look and she continued, "It's just that I'm going to have a chlorine-y suit every other day and I don't want to make our apartment all muggy with it..." I told her to look at

- Just for the record, my roommate is definitely cray-cray, but I adore her. Right now, we are watching this together:

"You can imaginate, you can create things in your mind."
"I think Imagination, is a word. It's like a dream. But you're a awake when you're having your dream."
Very profound, Olaf. Very profound.

- Other great things about apartment life: smashing eggs in the parking lot, the awesome boys next door and their super loud bass (which they show off most while playing Jericho Road), not going to bed at any reasonable time. ever.

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