Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sponsor lovin: Aleks is here with a giveaway!

Dudes, I love this girl.
The end.

hey dudes, pretty excited to be here at Elises Pieces.
my head is full of home decor ideas right now.
we bought this really awesome comfy bed...... last august.....
and have yet to get a headboard for it.
now that we are in our new apartment im going to make this happen.
here are my awesome ideas.
though i am pretty sure nothing this awesome will happen .



this one is my most favorite.
im no proud to admit, i have 3 different bed sets,
so we can go with a green, white, and grey scheme
a brown and teal one,
or a white and blue nautical stripy-ness
(im partially hoping Fiance will buy me a solid grey one, and then i can just buy different colors of sheets)

because Elise is REALLY amazing
and because she has awesome readers
im offering a $10.00 shop credit to one of you!!!
wooh!! awesome huh???

get yourself some cool just in time for school to start!!

Want to know how to win? 

Go follow Aleks's darling blog @ http://alekshandmade.blogspot.com/
and leave a comment saying you did.

Then, for another entry, go like my FB page @ http://www.facebook.com/epieces?ref=ts

Aaaand if you want another entry, facebook/tweet/blog/google+/snail mail/MSN messenger (ha.) about this giveaway. Leave a comment for each.

EDIT: I'm a dummy and I only just realized that you miiiiight want to know what Aleks's shop is and maybe what kind of delightful things you could find there. Oh, what's that? You do? Okay, I'll show you.

A- her shop is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/alekshandmade

B- here are some lovelies from her shop
Baked with Love tags: Orange

Baked with Love tags: white

60's vintage floral print bobby pins with blue buttons

Vintage Floral Ruffle Headband

60's vintage floral print bobby pins with teal bead

Aaaaand Imma close this giveaway on August 31st so enter quickly.
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