Tuesday, August 16, 2011

listy pants

Hello, my name is Elise and I have an addiction to lists. 
No joke. 
I think that's why Pinterest rocks my world.
It's like, a list in picture form. 

So, I have this notebook. It's my summer list notebook. That's why it says Sonny. That's my camp name.

A couple weeks ago, some camp friends and I made some lists. Namely, two of them. Namely, how to NOT impress your date for girls, and how to NOT impress your date for boys.

How to NOT impress your date, for girls
  • do boondoggle on your date
  • don't shower
  • shove your face full of food
  • wear a Justin Bieber shirt on your date
  • don't brush your teeth
  • don't shave
  • wear your XXL staff polo
  • text your BFF, Jill, through the whole date
  • don't wear deodorant
  • bring your twilight books in case you get bored
  • give him a love fern
  • flirt with your waiter
  • talk on the phone through intermission
  • only talk about yourself
  • stare deeply into his eyes and make creeper comments about them
  • tell him about the 11 kids you want and brainstorm their names
  • wear your Mill Hollow hair net

How to NOT impress your date, for boys

  • try to convince her that you really do love chick flicks
  • make her meet you somewhere
  • don't shave
  • say "you know what they say, hold hands while crossing the street" in your very best creeper voice
  • don't open any doors
  • in fact, ask her to open doors for you
  • invite her to see the gun show
  • invite her home to hang out with your mom
  • talk about your car the whole date
  • take her to cabella's (side note: we later decided this could actually be a fun date)
  • don't shower
  • get food all over your face

Do you have anything to add to our lists? 
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