Friday, August 26, 2011

I missed awkward and awesome thursday

Dang it, Bobby. I missed awkward and awesome thursday. And I'm full of awkward and awesomeness to tell you about.

So, close your eyes, imagine the sound of waves on a beach, and take yourself back to thursday.
What? You weren't on a beach on thursday? Me either. Suck it up.

Now, awkward and awesome friday thursday.

- People who try to talk to you while you're in the bathroom. Especially in public restrooms. I'm sorry, but unless you need me to spare a square, we are NOT gonna chat it up. 
- People who pick their nose in their car. Okay, yeah, sometimes you just gotta. But you can appropriately scratch while still really picking. Guess what, buddy, cars have windows. Just because you're totally enclosed in there doesn't mean we can't see you digging for gold.
- Boys who didn't realize that girls don't always sleep in their bras. And also didn't realize that that's why girls awkwardly fold their arms or leave the room when boys come to visit in the morning. Yuuup.
- White shirt. Make up stain. 'Nuff said.
- Aaand the token awkward moment of the week:
There I was, minding my own business, running some errands between wedding photoshooting and the reception that night. So, I'm in my dressy business attire, and I looked dang good. So, I'm strutting my stuff through walmart and this lady chases me down and leans in way close to whisper to me. I'm feeling a little creeped out like hello, random stranger, why are you whispering to me in walmart?
Then she says "Your zipper on your skirt is all the way undone and you can see... everything." 
There is nothing more trash-tastic than strutting your stuff through walmart with your houndstooth skirt unzipped and showing off your red and pink heart undies and, oh yeah, a little crack.

- nice and actually not creepo ladies who whisper to you in walmart when you're exposing yourself.
- love sack, baby.
- spending upwards of $125 at walmart on my 'new school year and my fridge is empty' shopping trip.
oh wait, that's neither awkward nor awesome. 
- using neither-nor correctly.
- this giveaway from Aleks.
- google. Have you ever pondered on life before google? What did we do?
- after this weekend Nichelle, Ashley, and I will be fantastically reunited. 
thank goodness.

also, say no to crack...

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