Sunday, August 14, 2011

a dear boys tutorial: how to not be a pansy

Dear boys, 

Giving girls pansies = good idea. Being a pansy = bad idea.

Nichelle and Elise


How to not be a pansy
By Elise and Nichelle

Step one: if you think a girl has a little somethin' somethin', or even if you simply think you could have fun on a date with her, ASK HER ON A STINKIN' DATE.

Step two: if you have any bit of interest... keep in contact with her.

Step three: you are not mysterious when you don't talk to the girl. she thinks you hate her and will move on if you don't talk to her

Step four:  if you think you're too far in the 'friend zone', chances are she's probably considered dating you a billion times and is way more likely to give you a chance than you think. So, go for it.

Helpful hint: for girls, the friend zone is either a way to hide her feelings, or she thinks of you as a brother. if you pay attention, it should be obvious

Sstep five: make a move. trust us, just grab her hand.

Step six:  respect her. Yes, it's nice to be teased, to flirt, to joke, but behind all of that needs to be respect. If you think the world of her, you will become her world.

Step seven: after respecting her, expect lots of love and affection. She's  gonna make you feel like the luckiest man in the world, because, now you are a man, not a pansy

Helpful hint: okay, so now you've become a man and you've gotten the girl. Whether it's time to pop the question, or you just want to do something special talk to her best friend. Her best friend will ALWAYS know what you should know. How she wants to be proposed to, what she wants for her birthday, etc.

...or just read her blog. Because we all know that blogs are just secret training manuals for potential husbands.
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