Friday, July 29, 2011

some favorites of the week

Let me tell you a story.
I work in the mountains all week, I have no internet. We've been over that.

When I get home, I spend a bajillion hours catching up on my favorite parts of the blog world. Do you want to know what I read first?

Vintage Wanna Bee
Little Miss Momma
The Daybook
Alexis Laughs
and, of course, I pinterest.

Then, I check some emails.

And then I FBstalk the whole world. (Or maybe just my 900 some odd friends).

And then, I blog stalk some more. Do you want to see my favorite things of this week? Of course, you do.
LMM Tiffany ring giveaway

 8 ways to dress up a mallow

Oh, also, I painted a teepee this week. Legit. Be prepared for awesome pictures of that later.

How was your week?

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