Sunday, July 17, 2011

harry potter and the bin of wonders

I love me some Harry Potter. In light of the new movie coming out (which I actually haven't seen yet) I broke out my bin of HP memorabilia. 

K, so I probably could have paid for my college education with all the Harry Potter stuff I collected. Especially when you add in all the books, the movie tickets (because, of course, I saw them all multiple times), the costumes to wear to the midnight movies and book releases, the sound tracks, etc. 

Can we please chat about how Lisa's phone number is perma-dry erase markered onto the white board? 
Also, how about the 3 Hermione dolls. And the two barbie versions are perma-looking left.
And see those Harrys down in the lower right? Yeah, they're lollipop spinners. Love it.

Poor, broken Ron.

 Scabbers & Mrs. Norris
 Stuffed Harry and disproportionate Norbert

Creeper, giant-head, doll Harry.

My favie Snape ornament that my mom still refuses to let me defile her tree with.

Oh, and just a little letter I wrote to Madame Rowling, herself. 
Which, of course, I never sent.

And, of course, my robes that my sister Ravenclaw-ified.
I'm all about reppin' Gryffindor. 
The S.P.E.W. button is mine though. 

Aaaand, we won't even mention the fact that my friends and I printed off pages upon pages of rumors about the unreleased books and wrote color-coded commentary on them.
Or the fact that I read the first 5 books more than 13 times. In, like, 3 years.
Or the fact that I was part of an RPG message board website called Hogwarts College and I wrote about how my character, Annalee, attended HC and went to Potions class, COMC, etc.
Okay, actually we could talk about that a little bit. And how awesomely nerdy it was. And how I made some of my favorite real life friends from that place. 

Needless to say, 

Oh, and because it's totally unavoidable...
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