Tuesday, July 19, 2011

free slurpies and a singular item of business

I should SO be sleeping.

Also, don't ask me how many blog posts I've started that way, because I lost count.

I rocked it up on free slurpee day. We went to Sevs and got our quaint little free slurpees. Then, the woman at the cash register said "go drink those fast and come in and get another one. Your friends are too swear word skinny." And I laughed. Because for some reason it's funny when old people swear.
Then, we downed our slurpees, got a little brain freeze, and went right back in.

Oh, plus also we took pictures of ourselves drinking slurpees seductively. 
Have you ever tried slurping seductively?
It's about as difficult as eating popcorn seductively.
Nichelle and I tried that one once.

item of business:

I want to take a vacation before the summer is over. I have a limited budget, but I want to do something super awesome. Where should I go?
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