Sunday, June 19, 2011


For the last week and a half, I've had the incredible opportunity to tutor in an ESL (English as a second language) class room and a GED class room.

My favorite people that I had the chance to work with were some beautiful women from Brazillia, Taiwan, and Nepal in my GED class. And a whole group of incredible men and women from Nepal in the ESL class. These men and women are refugees, and they are incredible.

I learned many many things from them, though their English was limited, but the best thing I learned from them was the word "namaste".

If you've done yoga, you've probably heard the word before. Which I had. But hearing it from these incredible people and learning what it means sincerely touched my heart.

Namaste translates to "the divinity in me bows to the divinity in you." As the students walked into class each day, they would smile at us and say "Namaste, teacha! Namaste." And put their hands together and bow. Can you imagine how the world would change if we took the time to recognize the divinity, the light, and the beauty in everyone we met?

That's what beauty is to me. Recognizing the divinity within us all. Each one of us has an incredible potential, has dreams, has hopes, has heartaches, and has love. We all have passions for life. And that is what truly makes someone beautiful.

Through blogging, I've been able to meet some incredible, talented, amazing, and beautiful women. That's what inspired this post. YOU inspired this post. I'm only featuring six of you today, but let me tell you, there are hundreds of you that are truly beautiful who deserve to be counted as part of this post.

Janell says, "This isn't the most stunning picture of myself, but to me I am beautiful, because I'm happy, healthy, and feel super great about myself.  I'd just finished a 5K, and my kids and husband were there watching me.  I totally wanted to smile for pictures because weight, dress size, inches, and calories were not on my mind. I just felt good about an accomplishment and was just plain happy. :)"

Heidi says, "I think the missing element to a lot of missing beauty is love. When you love something it often becomes cherished or beautiful. When I love myself and feel the confidence of that love - I feel beautiful. When I love others - they are beautiful. When I focus on my positive I feel beautiful. We all have beauty. We need to find it. To see it. I love that I know who I am. That I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father and he created me and loves me and therefore I am ALWAYS beautiful. I just need to remember. I once heard that beauty is when you feel so beautiful on the inside, that it radiates on the outside."

Lindsey says, "True beauty is knowing who you are. Being comfortable enough to rock your uniqueness. Confidence enough to feel sexy in a pair of sweats with baby spit-up on your shirt. Saying this is who I am. I am beautiful, even if I'm not 110 pounds with the perfect hair and perfect skin and perfect teeth."

Kaycie says, "[True beauty is] understanding what makes something ugly or unwanted and loving it anyway. We all have flaws that make us less beautiful than we are. We need to love each other for the beauty that is there in all of us despite the unwanted and ugly qualities."

Megan says, "Beauty is being who God has called you to be, and being it with everything have and with the fullest confidence."

Maegan says, "True beauty comes from the heart... don't tell yourself that you would be prettier wearing those clothes, or dating that guy... True beauty is on the inside!  Have confidence in YOURself and everyone will notice!!"

These beautiful women know what they're talking about. Beauty is so much more than pretty hair or flawless skin. When you're smiling, when you know you've blessed someone else's life, when you are truly happy just to be yourself, that is when you are beautiful.

So to these wonderful women, and to all of you, I say Namaste, beautiful. Namaste.
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