Monday, May 30, 2011


Have you ever been too tired to blog?
Or text...
Or do anything?

I have been all over the place the last couple days. It has been awesome. But by the time I have a moment to sit down and relax, I fall asleep before I can even think of opening up blogger to tell you all about all the awesomeness that has been happening.
Maybe I should stop relaxing on my bed.

Anyway, let me tell you about the past couple days.
I weed hacked like a rockstar. Then, I had a birthday party. It was amazing. 

This is only a small sample of the awesome gifts my friends gave me. 
Plus also, please note that these two gifts came from separate friends.
Awesome, right?

The next day, I did a photo shoot down town with my new friend, Maren.
Here's just a teeny tiny taste of the awesome shots we got.

Isn't her smile stunning?
After that, I did Zumba with my Relief Society. So much fun. Then, I showered in record time and drove to Tooele for the early release party of this book:

It's the final book in this trilogy which is ah-may-zing.
Go read it.
The whole series. 
You're not sold?
Watch this book trailer

Later that night, I watched the JB movie again.
I loooove that guy.

Sunday was wonderful, I went to my new young single adults ward. And later that night, my sista and I went to Summit choir practice. We get to sing in the tabernacle in a couple weeks. So stoked.

Today, the whole fam went to Morgan to visit some special graves. Then, we went to Park City and had the best lunch ever at Ruby Tuesday (seriously kids, the way to my heart is Ruby Tuesday, movie theater popcorn, and flavored lemonades.)

We shopped. 

The end. How was your Memorial Day weekend?

P to the S: Have you entered this giveaway?

P to the P to the S: tomorrow is my birthday. Woot.

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