Monday, May 9, 2011

dear boys, part four

dear 14,
You frustrate me. But on the other hand, you're really quite the gentleman and a really caring friend.
So, I like you. But, I don't.


dear freckle face,
Your voice melts me. Have I said that before?


dear boy,
You frustrate me too. But only because I like you so much. And also because you might be a tiny bit clueless. But that's fine. I still like you anyway.


dear stalker boy,
I kind of miss the quarterly text about how I was the best girlfriend you ever had. But I feel weird for missing the 'stalking'.


dear pasta,
I am in love with your curly hair. And maybe also you. But definitely your curly hair.

<3, dessert

Now, to make you feel all boy crazy and chick flicky, please listen to these songs.

Marry You
If You're Not the One
You Got Me

Now, I'm going to get cozy with a chick flick in the pajamas I never changed out of today and some reeses eggs.
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