Sunday, May 22, 2011

daybook blogger meetup

Soooo, y'all know Sydney. Right? Cute, prego, Daybook-famous Sydney?

Well, she had this little shindig called the Daybook Blogger Meetup. And because blog-stalking simply isn't enough, we road tripped it up to Rexburg for the party.

We being AshleyNichelle and I.
don't worry, our name tags are TOTALLY mini chalkboards.

thug Nichelle.
"uh, this licorice is gross. Can I put it in my pocket?"
...let's just say I don't love twizzlers
Not only did we meet Sydney, but we took awkward family photos with her.
You know you're jealous.

did I mention that we were the only ones there from Utah?
We're cool.
Also, we won prizes.
Annnd, I don't know what Ashley is doing. But I love it.
Best picture of the night.

Seriously, such a fun weekend. The party was a complete blast and the road trip was even better because I was with Ashley and Nichelle. 
We had the best conversations in the car. Like, everything from deep life stories to spiritual moments. Heartbreak and first loves. Oh, and deep dark Harry Potter secrets. 
We got ready for the party together, jammed to some JB, played with some barbies...
That's my kind of bonding. 

Plus, Ashley's mom gave us Easter treats and made us a seriously delicious dinner. 
And we watched Tangled.
Okay, Ashley watched Tangled.
Nichelle and I slept. 

One last thing before I go, I'd like to introduce you to 45 seconds of pure bliss.
We call it "The Toothbrush Dance".

Other than the first three photos, I got all of these fabulous pictures from the Party Photostream.
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