Friday, May 13, 2011

birthday giveaway take two: vintage wanna bee (repost): CLOSED

Okay team, luckily enough, I had this entry open before blogger went crazy, so I just got to copy and paste it all. I love little blessings like that. 

Here's the deal. Blogger is hoping to restore all posts (including comments) but I know you all want to be entering!! So, enter on this post. I have all the entries from before in my email inbox, so if you've already entered don't worry about re-entering just yet. I have your entries, and hopefully blogger will restore them anyway. 

Now, back to the original post:

I feel silly asking, 'cause you're all gonna say "Uhm, duh." But, you all know my BFF, Nichelle, right?

Vintage Wanna Bee

She's like, the coolest kid in school.
Well, if blogging were high school... she'd be senior class president.

Anyway, she loves me. Also, she loves all of you. And in celebration of my birthday, she's giving away some goodies from her shop. Are you ready for this awesomeness?

GRAY BOW TIE-  Headband
one grey bow tie headband
(which happens to be one of my personal favorites)

Lady No. 4 -ROSE RING
one Lady no 4 rose ring


PICK YOUR COLOR -Lexie Lace Headband
a darling lexie lace headband
in whichever color you'd like!
Now, you can't tell me you're not dying to win these prizes. Because I know you are. I read minds.

K, that's a lie. But honestly, I can't believe anyone wouldn't want to win. 

So, here's how:

Mandatory entry: 
Tell me which famous companionship Nichelle and I remind you of. 
Here is a picture of us to help you brainstorm.
Example comment: "You and Nichelle remind me of Giselle and Pip from Enchanted." 

Of course, that's an obvious one... because Nichelle looks  I look so much like Amy Adams. :)

Other entries:
- like my photography page on FB (yep, I'm switchin' it up a little bit)
- heart Vintage Wanna BEE on etsy.
- like Vintage Wanna BEE on FB.
- listen to a Justin Bieber song and tell me which one it was.
- follow Elise's Pieces
- secret extra entry: tell me the name of your first kiss

Post a separate comment for each entry.
Giveaway will end on Wednesday the 18th at Midnight.

And, because Nichelle loves you SOOOO much, she's giving you 30% off in her Etsy Shop. Check it:

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