Thursday, May 19, 2011

birthday giveaway numba 3: smitten by a promise

Yesterday was Wednesday, Wednesday.
Today i-is Thursday, Thursday.
We we we so excited.

Haha, okay. I'll stop. 
But really, it's Thursday.
Do you know what Thursday means? 
Another birthday giveaway!
Take that, Rebecca Black. Thursday is SO the new Friday. 

Do you guys know Kelsey from Family Fashion and Facts? I'm in love with her. Like, in the non creepy blog-stalking kind of a way. 
Let's keep in touch friends!

She has a darling etsy store called Smitten By a Promise.

And today, she's giving away a rosette ring AND a rosette necklace. In your choice of color!

So cute, right?!

Here's how you enter:
Mandatory entry: If you were making a movie of my life, who would you hire to play me?

Other entries: leave a comment for each
- like Elise's Pieces on FB
- heart Smitten by a Promise on etsy.
- like Family Fashion and Facts on FB.
- follow Family Fashion and Facts on twitter
- follow Elise's Pieces on twitter
- add one of my new buttons to your blog:





Good luck, team! Giveaway ends Wednesday the 25th at Midnight MST. 
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