Monday, May 16, 2011

beach waves tutorial

I feel a little silly posting a tutorial about how to make your hair beautiful right after this post, but the point is that we're all beautiful without spending hours on hair or makeup. However, that doesn't mean that we don't like to get dolled up sometimes, right?

So, here's a cheesy backup track for this tutorial. 'Cause I'm awesome like that.

Step 1: Towel Dry
This is actually important. I grew up thinking people just did this for fun.
Yeah- I really didn't understand that it had a purpose.
Turns out, when you let your hair dry with the towel on your head, it dries faster .
Also, your hair is drying 'upwards' which adds volume.
Also, when it's all twisted in the towel, it helps it be wavy. At least, for me.
Step 2: Blow Dry/Air Dry.
Minus the towel.
If I'm letting it dry overnight, I'll put it in a french braid to get it extra wavy.
I learned that trick from Sydney.

If you're gonna blowdry, do it upside down.
When I want volume, I blowdry.
If I don't care about volume (or I'm lazy) I air dry and save the world by going green. (Mostly, I'm lazy)

this is what my hair looks like when I blowdry it.
please make sure you pull faces in the mirror while you curl your hair.

Step 3: Start Curling
When I was in "Annie" in JR high, I curled my hair a bajillion times.
That's when I learned that starting at the top/middle of the chunk your curling is way better than starting at the bottom.
Thank you, fellow cast members.

Step 4: Curl more.
And don't touch those curls.
I'm serious.

Step 5: Curl...

Step 6: Curl even more.

Step 7: Pause and smile for the camera...
JK. I just wanted to point out that instead of doing small pieces, I curled 8 large chunks.
Part of the trick is to hold the curling iron in longer so you get tighter curls.

Step 8: Separate
Use your fingers and gently separate the curls.
You can also pull a "Halle Berry" as my BFF, Mickelle would call it.
Flip your hair over, shake it out, and flip it back.
I've never known why she called that a "Halle Berry"

Done and done.

Just some final tips/suggestions/comments:
My hair holds curl exceedingly well. However, I've found that chlorine makes it hold curl even better.
So, if you have hair that doesn't like to hold curl, that's my super secret. And it's perfect for summer. Go swimming, wash only your bangs and roots (it'll help with volume) and work that chlorinated hair for some curls.
Also, I find that if I curl the chunks in different directions, I get more volume.
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