Tuesday, April 26, 2011

road trippin'

I have this friend named Mega. She actually prefers to go by Megan, but in my mind, I still call her Mega a lot of the time. (Don't hate me, Megan. :)

She's adorable. And pregnant. Which makes her twice as adorable.

Ashli, Christina, and I went to visit her over conference weekend. 

We pretended to be pregnant. 
(Don't judge me, I know I look ridiculous)

And we took cheesy mirror pictures.

Seriously, we had so much fun. The four of us were in show choir together my first year of college. So, of course, we listened to our old CDs and sang and tried to remember the dance moves. (Okay, there was no trying, we've still got that z-snap down pat!)

I also have some friends named Lace-fa and Bree-fa. Or... Lacy and Aubrey. We were roommates my first year here at Utah State.

This last week, we reminisced of old times when we lived together and drove up to Preston just for some pizza from Pizza Stop.

Totally worth it.

Oh, and of course, Ashli came. Because even though she never paid rent, she was totally a roommate.

Also last week, my favorite cousin Ashley came up to Logan to visit me. 

And this last weekend, Nichelle, Ashley, and I went up to Rexburg for the Daybook blogger meet up!
I'm sure I'll have more pictures to share from that later. But for now, you can check us out on Sydney's post.

Have you guys been on any fun road trips lately?

p.s. if you found this, you're awesome.
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