Monday, April 18, 2011

life lessons

I've learned that

newspapers turn your hands black.

sometimes, maybe even always, the best way to stop feeling bad about yourself
is to start thinking of someone else and find a way to serve them.

when you feel good you look good

there is always a reason to be happy. you just have to find it.


garlic gives you bad breath, 
and sometimes you'll have to brush your teeth for three days in a row
to get the smell away.

basketball isn't always about winning,
sometimes it's just about that one awesome shot 
that makes you feel like a star

good friends make ALL  the difference

sometimes, you just gotta skip class
and listen to your favorite tunes

sometimes, tender mercies come in the form of
Connie's sugar cookies, or dove milk chocolate peanut butter bars.

and always, 

life is so good.

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