Friday, April 22, 2011


I am a woman of God.
I strive daily to be all that he wants me to be.
I pledge to seek spiritual strength,
increase bonds of sisterhood, 
foster life-long scholarship,
and render Christlike service.
I honor my covenants and faithfully strive
for the blessings of the temple.
I find joy in being a faithful woman of God. 

I did not write that, but I know it. I strive to live it. That is the IWA (institute women's association) theme. And I love it.

I have met some of the most incredible, incredible women through IWA. My life has honestly been changed by serving with every one of them.

I wish I had a picture of all my 1st counselors, because I feel the same way about them.

Our theme for this year was "My Soul Delighteth". I can't even tell you how much my soul delighteth in IWA. That's why I'm especially excited for what came in the mail for me today.

I ordered it from JessicaNdesigns last week. :)

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