Thursday, April 21, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday is my best friend

Awk. ward.

-Making macaroni and cheese without butter. It's just not as good, kids. The fat is where it's at.
-Getting shushed 4 times today in Stats. Seriously, it's an auditorium class with nearly 400 people. If you want to pay attention, don't sit on the back row. Also, for the record, we were whispering.
-Just possibly, I may have taken a secret picture of 6'11 boy in Stats who might just happen to be the new guy on our basketball team. Okay, there's no maybe about it. I did. It was blurry 'cause I'm not that sneaky. Jess wanted to see him though!
-Having a kissing dream about a good friend who is just a friend.
-Same friend trying to fake you out by grabbing your shoulders and leaning in like he's going to kiss you a mere week after the weirdie kissing dream.

Awe. some.

-Wearing my Justin Bieber shirt on campus.
-Playing Lego Rockband in my free time instead of doing anything productive.
-94% on my Stress Management final.
-The fact that I'm going to meet miss awkward and awesome herself THIS WEEKEND!
-The fact that I'm road tripping it up with N and A.

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