Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesday to-do

oh, hee-eey.

Are we all happy to know that I am, in fact, still alive? Okay, so you probably didn't actually notice my brief blogging absence. Whatev.

Here is your to-do list today:

Check out my stud of a brother:
Yep. Now stop looking. He can't date yet.
Next, go watch Ke$ha's new music video. 'Cause it's suuuuper bizarre and weird and I died watching it. Fair warning: it's weird.

Now, go drool over this book
Notice that it's on sale. 
Please buy it, come back and comment here, and tempt me further to get it even though I shouldn't.

Now, if you live in Logan, make sure you come to IWA Sisterhood Week tonight (or tomorrow, or thursday, or all three).

If you don't live in Logan, you may make your own crepes and do Zumba with youtube videos and wish you lived in Logan.

Last, but not least, go waste some precious time on this website. And tell me about it, so I feel less bad for all the time I've spent.
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