Thursday, March 31, 2011

double a

I love Thursdays. I think you all have heard that before. Remember this?

It still exists. A little. If you want it to. Do you want Happy Thursdays back?

My current favorite thing about Thursdays is awkward & awesome Thursdays. I heart the daybook. A lot.
Also, I converted Ashley to a&a thursdays. So pleased.

- having a yucky sinus infection/cold/black plague and people knowing you're sick just by looking at you. "Oh, Elise, you don't look good at ALL are you feeling okay?" Yup. I feel so much better now.
- used kleenex. sick.
- really nice boys with really bad breath. Should I buy him one of these?
- being known as the 'butt judge' among my group of friends. Long story short, I made an "I'll be the judge of that" comment at an inappropriate time and I've been the butt judge ever since.
- friends telling new acquaintances of my butt judging skills... and awkward boy asking me to judge his butt. And him promptly sticking it in my face. Yup. (his butt was pretty good, in case you were wondering).
- having a legit daybook moment. There I was just takin' care of business in the bathroom and the automatic light goes off. So, I'm sitting there, alone, in the dark. Light goes back on, then off, then on, then off. What the?

- 56 degrees, baby. I wore flip flops.
 when I'm not thinking about boys, I'm thinking about these. Or Shepherd's pie.

- Shepherd's pie. I don't know why I love it so much, but I've been craving it for a month and a half. And I once told my roommates "All I want out of life is some shepherd's pie and a boyfriend." Now people are giving me cans of tomato soup as gifts. Definitely awesome. (Plus, I think nobody knows how to give me a boyfriend as a gift.)
General Conference.
- Feeling gross and receiving a billion compliments anyway.
- Feeling gross and getting hit on by, count 'em, 3 boys.
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