Tuesday, March 8, 2011

chocolate and caramel and peanut butter, oh my!

So, it's Spring Break and I am seriously missing my Zumba class. Not just because I like it, no. But, because I can't seem to stop eating.

You know, home-cooked food, going out to eat (with everyone and their dog), oreos and popcorn and other treats that just magically appear in the cupboards. I love going home, but my waistline does not.

Misery loves company, right? Please drool over all this delicious looking food with me. kthx.


fluffernutter cookies: source
snickerdoodle bars: source
pumpkin pancakes with buttermilk caramel syrup: source
Also, I'm going to this place later this week. 
I mean, seriously, it's called The Chocolate. How could that ever be a bad idea?

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