Friday, March 11, 2011

blissful day

yesterday was, like I said, blissful.

Let's work backwards (and save the best for last).

Last night involved bowling with some of my favorite friends, yesterday afternoon involved senior pictures with my favorite Kenzie (sneak peak to come later today), and yesterday morning was the glorious spring break bloggy party.

I fell in love with these ladies:
Back: Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust, Divorced & 21, The Resolution, (me)
Front: Cake Notes, Fashion Diary of a Mormon Girl, & Vintage Wanna Bee.


Aren't we fab?

After, we did a little shopping at the Gateway. Naturally.

Please count on me talking about how awesome this event was for approximately 7 years, because, I loved it. 
Also, I'm thinking it should happen again. Who else wants to come next time? :)

P.s. For my bloggy friends, here are the links to the blogs we chatted about at lunch today:

If I forgot any, let me know. :)

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