Thursday, March 3, 2011

awkward & awesome

- Seeing a girl wearing the same jacket as me and starring at her because of it. Then, when she noticed and looked at me, I just waved and walked away.
- Your teacher asking you to pass out papers to everyone in the class and promising extra credit if you remember everyone's names forcing you to admit to the girl who you've sat next to all semester, that you never learned her name.
- People who ask you questions when you have food in your mouth. Really, people? Let me enjoy my giant bite of pumpkin chocolate chip bread and then you may ask me how I'm doing.
- Pointing to your mouth as if to explain that you're not talking because you're chewing even though the person definitely saw you take that giant bite of food.
- Ke$ha's new music video. (Get used to me blogging about it, because I am overwhelmed by it's weirdness.)
- Teachers who notice your perfume and tell you it reminds them of cheapo flavored chapstic.

- Only one more class until my spring break starts!
- Leftovers from Panda Express for lunch.
- Free bread at the institute.
- Getting ready for the SL bloggy spring break party! (Yep, it's happening. I'll update you as soon as we finalize the location.)
- Blogging instead of finishing my paper on "The Automatic Millionaire".

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