Sunday, March 13, 2011

all made up

I've been seeing make up how-to's goin' around the blogosphere for a while now (Little Miss Momma, faith, love, & lipgloss) and I debated. To copycat or not to copycat, that is the question.

So, I copycatted.
please don't mind that there are seven million pictures.
I've provided you with some backup music:
a la Carly Simon

It all begins in my favorite comfy sweater...

Glasses come off, hair goes up

Out comes not one, but two makeup bags
organizing your makeup is SO overrated...

First step: moisturize
Next: foundation
I use Mary Kay Ivory 204
I open my mouth for ALL parts of makeup, not just the mascara

Next: concealer
I use MK Ivory 2

Wha-la! blemish free and pale as a ghost.

Solution: bronzer. actually, just a darker mineral powder foundation.
MK Beige 1

Next: text Nichelle to tell her I'm running late. As usual.

Next: eyeliner
MK steely
don't mind that I'm glaring at the camera.
have you ever tried taking a picture of yourself putting eyeliner on?
it's a challenge.
chunk. it. on.

Next: blue eyshadow.
Sally Girl & MK eye crease brush
I cover my lids up to the crease...
then I use that bronze color there (Sally Girl & eye crease brush) to line the crease
Nice and dark, huh? 

Now I use the pale pink & the MK eye definer brush.
I blend from the crease up to my eyebrow.
again with the open mouth...

Next: Mascara
I use MK Ultimate or Lash Lengthening
It depends on the day

Pull out the hair,

Change the shirt,
Spray my new favie body spray-
Bath & Body Apricot Vanilla,




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