Monday, February 7, 2011

shout out

Today, I met Kelsey from A "True Aggie" Story. We have Zumba together. And I'm a super creeper and have stalked her blog enough that I recognize her.

Also, you all know Nichelle, right? From Vintage Wanna Bee?  We pose with cupcakes together. Also, we learned last night that we're very "crappy". Not crafty, no. But, crappy. [Silly boys with selective hearing.]

And do you know Aleisha? I do. We have an institute class together. Her blog is joyful. Also, she and her roommates make awesome Sara Bareilles music videos that rock my world.

And then, there's Hannah. From Fashion Diary of a Mormon Girl. She has the most delightful fashion blog. And she really is that adorable in real life.

And, last but not least, is my long lost 'cousin', Heidi. Her eyes light up every time I see her. I feel like a rockstar.

Real life Logan blogging friends rock my world.
[P.s. I do still love my blog friends who I haven't had the chance to meet, don't you fret.]
[P.p.s. I also do have real life, not blogging friends. Just in case you were worried about me.]
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