Thursday, February 17, 2011

life lessons

A blurry insight into my life a la camera phone pictures.

lesson #1: don't wear cute shoes on picnics.

lesson #2: lipstick prints look weird on steel water bottles.
Also, lipstick prints on steel water bottles are waaaay
 more amusing than family finance. 

lesson #3: my (future)baby will wear cupcake onesies

lesson #4: ugly carpet facilitates learning.

lesson #5: if you leave your mascara on overnight, you get to be a
zombie in the morning.

lesson #6: when the inside of your window frosts, there is no way
to avoid the in-your-car blizzard.

lesson #7: blank hot chocolate cups are awesome for doodling.
and hot chocolate doodling is ALSO more exciting than family finance.
lesson #8: when you're ordering glasses, you have to know your
"pupilary distance". So, you take a picture of your face with a ruler
and you put it into a PD measurer online.

Edit: I'ma link this up over here: 
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