Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Thursday featuring Ashley Marie

Sooooo, I have this cousin. Her name is Ashley Marie and we have been the best of friends pretty much since birth. We're 3 months apart and we have spent countless hours talking on the phone, dancing to Mary Kate and Ashley's 'Our First Video', making peanut butter toast, planning matching outfits, shopping, forcing allowing our cousins to be in our self-written/directed plays, and so many other things.

Let me be frank,

I ADORE this girl.

This is my FIRST guest post, I am SO EXCITED!!!
My name is Ashley over at Ashley's Pure Heart!!

What an honor it is to be a guest blogger for Elise! Is she not the coolest???
I just LOVE her...did she mention we are cousins but also BFF's?!

I LOVE the subject of  happiness, happiness is INCREDIBLE!!

We all search for it...some in different ways but today I wanted
to share my FAVORITE way to find/practice happiness.


I'll give you a clue!

{You thought ICE CREAM didn't you?}

Let's try that AGAIN...

{Did wishing come to your mind?}

Last time...

{You're thinking golf carts huh?}

These may all be super fun
 the REAL answer to ALL of these is


That's right! 
Doing things for others really does make me happy!

BTW: The first picture is a Cold Stone fundraiser for Primary Children's Hospital
The second picture is a tree I decorated & donated to Festival of Trees
The third picture is a golf tournament for the boys and girls club!

Anyways, service and volunteering 
gives you a purpose in life!
When you see you have helped others
you feel happy and receive the "helper's high"!

Don't believe me???
DARE you to take the "Happiness Service Challenge"

You in???

Here's what you have to do!
This is a 5 day challenge!

Day 1) Write a thank you letter to ANYONE
(This could be to your waiter at your favorite pizza parlor, your best friend,
the teacher you have a hard time with, your mother...anyone)
Day 2) Donate one item
(Donate a pair of jeans to your local Aeropostale for the "Jeans for Teens", donate an old book to your local DI, donate a homemade item to a church in your neighborhood, donate blood to save a life...make it personal)
Day 3) Volunteer an hour
(you could volunteer at a senior center, you could volunteer at a local school, you could spend an hour making cookies for a widow, you could spend an hour making valentines for a local Children's hospital...make it come from the HEART)
Day 4) Donate a little $$
(It doesn't matter at all how much it is, just a few coins from your couch will do the trick. Take it and put it in a fundraising jar at your local market or buy one of those Children's Miracle Network balloons)
Day 5) Give someone a compliment
(The lady in line in front of you, the girl you work with, your classmate...anyone of your choosing)

After you have completed ALL 5 days
 you get to wear this button PROUDLY on your blog!

Here's the code:

<center><a href=" "><img src="

If you want, make a blog post out of it 
and share what you did

 because you are going to make a difference someone's life 
this LOVE month!!

Come drop by and visit ANYTIME,
I LOVE new friends
and I will follow you in return! :)

Are you in love with Ashley? 'Cause I surely am.    
Come back later today to link up your Happy Thursday posts. And, remember that you get an extra entry into the Mary Kay Giveaway when you do!!
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