Wednesday, February 2, 2011

chalkboard mugs

dear friends,

please note that as I type this, I am sitting on the floor in front of my heater because I am SO cold.

Now, onto more important things.

mugs + chalkboard paint
p.s. anyone who recognizes the bag underneath gets 10 points.



Another 10 points to anyone who can name the movie we're watching.

Waiting for the first coat to dry. Nichelle and I were DYING. 

This is post-second coat. We had to wait 24 hours to draw on the mugs.
Again. DYING.

Most importantly, no chalkboard mug making party is complete
 without tattoos of Ray from Princess and the Frog.

So, this post has been sitting here for days, waiting for a picture of the finished product, and I just haven't had the time to take a picture. But nothing's wrong with a little anticipation, right? Thus, stay tuned for the finished product.
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