Monday, February 14, 2011

and I was like baby, baby, baby-ooh

Forgive the Bieber reference, but I adore him. Shamelessly.

Also, Happy Valentines Day!! I honestly think Valentines is my favorite holiday. It's just so pink and happy and sparkly and lacy and frilly and girly and quaint. Plus, people tell you all day that they love you. And if you have a special someone, the two of you get to shower each other with gifts and love and happiness.

I love love.

Today I will be celebrating by wearing frilly, pink, girly clothing. (Okay, so nobody will notice a difference.) I will be listening to mushy love songs all day. I'm giving out Princess and the Frog Valentines and Disney Princess silly bandz. I'm also going to a dinner at my church where the boys are going to serve us. (We had a visiting teaching vs. home teaching competition-- the girls totally won.) And some of my friends and I are having a LOVE CORNER from our front window on the third floor.

I've shared this before, but Valentines day is just the perfect day to get in love, so love corner away.

Also, if you come by later today, I've got a surprise that I've been working on this weekend. Hint: it's free, and it's printable. :)

And finally, a shout out to all my (wanna be) Valentines:

Michael Bublé
Chad Dylan Cooper
I know he looks like he's 7, but I am Sonny (sumer camp name)
 so it stands to reason that he should be my valentine.
And, seriously, the boys just too dang cute.
This song

And my "for realsies" Valentine:

My BFF, Nichelle

Who really did agree to be my valentine. (Unlike Mikey B and Chad Dylan Cooper ;)
I LOVE this girl. 
And since I'm not in love with any boy right now, 
she's the best Valentine (and BFF) anyone could ever ask for. 

I also adore these girls:
Janielle, Jessie, Nichelle, Elise
And they can all be my Valentines. 

I LOVE love. And I love all of you!
Have the happiest of Valentines!

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