Saturday, January 22, 2011

wanted: chocolate

I'm so glad it's Saturday because I don't really want to do anything today. I will, because my life has gone haywire and I need to catch up on my homework. But, I'm having a hard time feeling motivated or optimistic today.

Which of my bloggy BFFs wants to make me this delightful looking Heath tower that I found on Meg's cute blog?
I'm joking. I think. ;) 

In happier news, last night was the Institute Open House. It was a BLAST. The theme was Country Western. 2 afternoons of poster-making and cowboy hat/boot cutting out, 2 trips to Hobby Lobby and 6 Star, and 4 hours of decorating later it was a HUGE success. 

I danced all night, watched people fall off the mechanical bull, and we cleaned up in half an hour. That, my friends, is a record.

I took pictures of all the decor on Amanda's camera, so as soon as I get them from her, I'll be sharing them with you. 
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