Tuesday, January 11, 2011

walking through the park and reminiscing

One time, back in the good old days of Snow College, my friend Sparky and I went on a Walmart adventure.

Let me tell you a short story about Ephraim. There is nowhere to shop. Literally. You can get groceries from Kent's marketplace or Walmart. You can get fabric and crafty stuff from Ace Hardware or Walmart. Oh, and you can buy your clothing from... that's right, Walmart.

Also, let me give you a list of places that don't close before 10 pm:
The Library on Campus

So, now you understand why we hung out at Walmart for fun. Now, to the picture. $1294 Love. Don't be shocked when you see it hanging in a fancy-schmancy art studio one day. You can't stage beauty like that. That there is Sparky & Skippy. Au Natural. Just watchin' some POTC.
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