Friday, January 7, 2011

sweet & salty

So, I'm making delicious salty caramel cupcakes today. In fact, I'm waiting to be able to frost them at the moment. While I'm waiting, I'm sitting here wondering why do salt, caramel, and chocolate all taste good together?

Does anyone else wonder that? We all know that caramel and chocolate taste divine together. But who figured out the salty part? It seems to be the perfect blend of salty and sweet that enhances the flavor.

It''s like when you eat too much chocolate. It's incredible, but after so much of it we lose any appreciation we had for the sweetness.

I think in life, we seek out too many 'sweets' and then we stop appreciating them. But, once you've had something 'salty', your taste buds are prepared to appreciate the sweet flavor again.

I'm sure I have a tendency to push away 'salty' things in my life. But, once you've had a cold, you're much more grateful for your health after the cold is over. It's all about balance. And salt.

Food for thought, anyone? The cupcake recipe is here.
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