Monday, January 31, 2011

hundreds [giveaway]

Giveaway now closed.

Landmark moment, team.

As of right this moment, I have just passed 100 followers and this is the 200th post on my blog.

I think that's reason for celebration, don't you?

Like maybe a celebratory...

Mary Kay sweet nectar creme lip stick (one of my favorite shades) + a Mary Kay compact filled with 3 mineral eye colors that I choose specifically for the winner and 1 blush color also chosen specifically for the winner.

(Please note that this means that the eye/blush colors shown in the picture are NOT the colors you will get. The lip stick however, is the correct color.)

Let's review, A Mary Kay compact filled with 3 eyeshadows, 1 blush, and sweet nectar creme lip stick.

That, my friends, is a $70 value.

Would you like to know how to win? Do any (or all) of these things and comment below!
  1. Be a public follower of Elise's Pieces with Google Friend Connect. MANDATORY. 1 entry.
  2. Respond telling me your favorite Elise's Pieces moment. 1 entry.
  3. 'Like' Elise's Pieces on Facebook: clicky clicky. 1 entry.
  4. Put an Elise's Pieces button on your blog. 1 entry.
  5. Come back on Thursday and link up for Happy Thursday. 1 entry.
  6. Facebook about this giveaway, leave a link. 1 entry.
  7. Tweet about this giveaway, leave a link. 1 entry.
  8. Blog about this giveaway, leave a link. 1 entry.
Giveaway will close Monday, Feb. 7th and a winner will be announced later that week. 

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