Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Thursday featuring...

Elise's Pieces!!! Oh, wait...

That's me :)

My name is Elise and I think life is waaaay too short to not choose to be happy.

That's right. I choose to be happy. 

I've always been a pretty happy person. Let's be honest. But, we all know it's not always easy to be happy. Over time, I've learned a lot about happiness. 
I've learned about surrounding myself with happy people.

And I've learned about being happy with my by myself.

Choosing to be happy is a simple thing. You say to yourself "self, do I enjoy being unhappy?", "do others enjoy it when I am unhappy?", and "am I actually accomplishing anything by being unhappy?".
When you realize that the answers to all of those questions are "no" then you can choose to be happy. 

Sometimes, it seems easier to mope and think about how much life sucks. We ALL go through trials and heart break and there is no doubt that it's harder to be happy in those times. But, I learned something that changed my life:

So, I choose to be happy in spite of the trials. It's not always easy, but I can tell you this: it is always worth it.

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