Friday, December 31, 2010


I made lots of goals, planned out my 'blissful 2010'. Learned about 'antidepressants'. This month feels like an entire year ago... oh wait. ;)

Planned and decorated the IWA 'Up on Cloud Nine" Valentines dance. Had a wonderful date Fell in love. 

Fell a little bit more in love, went on Spring Break and got myself a boyfriend, had some fab girls nights, and dug through blue mashed potatoes with  my sista. 

More love (which apparently met that I didn't have time to blog). I also was given the opportunity to serve in the Institute Women's Association up on campus and as a presidency we picked our theme: My Soul Delighteth.
Took my best friend's wedding pictures, celebrated my 22nd birthday, saw Letters to Juliet and fell in love, learned about the many different uses of diapers, discovered and fell in love with Sonny with a Chance, broke up with cute boy from the Valentines dance. (And suddenly had time to blog again).

Started summer number 4 at the best summer job in the world: Mill Hollow, changed my camp name from Brownie to Sonny, learned how to use a beastly industrial buffer to clean floors.

 Got stranded in Kamas and had to get a new belt, ate giant marshmallows, went on hikes and hung out at 'makeout rock', tried In'n out burger for the first time, fell in love with making flower headbands, realized it was time to get over being heart broken and made a new rule about only moping in the shower.

Saw some great movies, painted a cabin, moved back up to Logan, started my 5th year of college, made a  music video, and went to the funeral of my friend, Natalie.

Fell off a (stationary) train and ripped my pants but saved my camera, took Ashli's graduation pictures, discovered my true feelings about chunks in yogurt, and got Letters to Juliet on DVD.

Sewed a Meg dress, decorated for the HOWL dance, made some goals with my roommate, went to the homecoming paint dance on campus, loved General Conference, went to country swing and kicked a boy in the head.

Learned a little about bowling, wondered why I'm in college, worked my behind off on schoolwork, had a blast at the IWA candyland dance, and took baby pictures for the first time ever.

Survived the semester with only one class to re-take, moved home for the holidays, played in the snow, wished there was snow, wished there wasn't snow, went to my friend Emily's funeral, had a wonderful wonderful Christmas.

At least, that's what I blogged about. It's a pretty simple overview of my year. But what you may not know is that this year makes it into the top three years of my life to date. School was hard, work was hard, heartbreak was harder, I have been moving non-stop all year, two friends that I was just starting to get to know and love passed away.

This was also one of the greatest years of my life. I now know a lot more about myself, my family, my friends, my faith. I fell in and out of love, I made incredible, lasting friendships. I have changed and grown an incredible amount. I have been blessed, I have been able to serve, and I have learned. 

I am happy with my life and I am happy with my year. Here's to an even harder, even greater 2011.

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