Tuesday, December 21, 2010

idk, your bff elise?

Oh heeeey. You follow Little Miss Momma don't you? You should. Haven't I told you to follow her already?

Well, she and I are BFFs now. You know why? Because I read her post about us being BFFs and that seals the deal, I think.

So do you want to be my BFF? Of course you do! Here's what you should know:

I am an ice snob. As in figure skating ice. They Zamboni'd the ice just before my ice skating class all the time and now I can hardly stand to skate on ice that's already scratched up.

I'm bad at receiving compliments and being gracious about it. I just am. (I do genuinely love getting them, though!)

My favorite color is orange. No, pink. No, aqua. No, all three? Ask me tomorrow and it'll be different.
I'm addicted to all things wedding. Not in a "27 Dresses, creepy marriage-hungry" way, nope. I just have always been fascinated with weddings. I love wedding photography, wedding cakes, floral design, invitation design, etc. Whenever it happens, my wedding is going to rock.

I think I like weddings because I like planning. I love big events and putting together everything and the running around, stressful, last minute craziness. I thrive on it.

I like to be unique, but not drastically different. I like to be me, you know? That being said, I also really like to fit in, but have people notice. Does that make any sense?
I am not really an animal person. Sure, I can ooh and ahh over a cuddly puppy or kitten just as well as the next person, but after a couple minutes of snuggling, I want it to go back to its owner so I can go wash my hands. And pretty please keep your giant drooly dog away from me. I'm SURE glad you like him/her, but I just don't.

I like to cook, and bake, and play games, and do science experiments, and eat oreos, and play in gazebos, and ride the bus to people watch. But like all good things, I like to do these things best with someone.

I have lots of dreams and ambitions and lots of things I want to learn. Being a perpetual student sounds like a brilliant idea. My entire family jokes about how I'll never graduate. (Only, I really will. 2 semesters, baby!) I always have some new hobby or fascination.

Now we're BFFs, right? Except that I don't know anything about you. What do I need to know about you to seal this BFF deal?

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