Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have a confession.

I've been keeping this a secret from you all since August. 

Are you ready for this?

I can't spell my own name. 

Here's the story: Once upon a time I went to the land of dutch oven and dinosaurs. Also known as, the Uintah Basin. I went there for my family reunion. It was a blast! We stayed in Altamont. During our family reunion, we took a trip out to Vernal which is about 50 miles away from Altamont. In Vernal, my mom, sister, cousin, & I found a quaint little boutique. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed over all the cute over-priced clothes and started to head out when I made a discovery.

This discovery was named "discount craft and scrap booking supplies". I'd say that's a fave discovery right there. So, I got some cute paper and stickers and I also found some grey chipboard letters that matched my color scheme for my room quite well. I jumped for joy and picked out my letters, paid, and we headed back to good old Altamont.

You're probably thinking to yourself "what does this have to do with spelling her name?" Allow me to show you:

It seems that someone got the bright idea to put the F right next to the E in the display. So, when I went to grab the second E, I got an F instead. E is for EPIC, F is for FAIL. Also, we were already on our way back to Altamont. So, it would have been silly to drive back to the boutique just for an E. :(

Here are some things I can spell:

Now, here is why I am choosing today to confess my August secret to you. I got myself an E! I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and the wooden letters were on sale. So, I bought one, Mod Podged the guts out of it, and now I have a beautiful E for my wall!

p.s. don't mind the cans of green beans and soup.  I don't really know why they're in my room...
Oh, another confession? I made the E a week ago and it's still hanging on my cute aqua table... and not on my wall. ;)

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