Wednesday, December 8, 2010

did I die?

Nope. But it is dead week. That means no tests (though not ever teacher follows that rule). It also means every final project ever is due. Plus you're supposed to study for finals.

I do not love dead week.

But I DO love waxing my eyebrows. If you haven't tried it, you have GOT to. Go to your nearest salon right this very moment. Or, make your own sugar wax like I just did tonight. That's it. Frills. Who knew you could make your own wax?

Just so we all know, my legs were nasty. Man legs, practically. And, they're still nasty. The wax wasn't amazing leg-wise. However, my eyebrows are hot.

Oh, and you can definitely use the back of a plastic spoon to apply the wax to your eyebrows. Also, I have seven billion gallons of this stuff left if you're too lazy to cook up some. ;)
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