Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas miracle part two

If you haven't read it already, see part one here. 
Now that you know the back story, I'll speak in first person.

Here at USU, we're allowed to take the math placement exam (MPE) 3 times a semester. My first attempt, I went in without studying at all. I got a 29. So, I studied and took it again and got a 39. Six points away from the 45 I needed. So, I went to a two-hour cram session and took the test again this morning.


So, where's the miracle in that? That's what I was wondering. I was so bummed. I had studied and studied and prayed that I would be able to do my best and I was so confident that I would get my 45 points. And then I got 33. Someone had suggested that I talk to the math department advisor to see if she'd sign me into the class anyway. I was feeling really hopeless, but went to talk to her anyway. Here's what happened:

Advisor: How can I help you?
Elise: I am trying to get into Stats 1040.
(Advisor turns to her student assistant and they both laugh. I'm holding back tears because I feel so icky about this situation and they're laughing.)
Elise: I've taken the MPE three times and I even went to the cram session and I just got a worse score on my third attempt.
Advisor: It's a Christmas Miracle!!!
(I sat there and stared at her in mass confusion.)
Advisor: What's your student number? What's your major? What's your favorite color?
I've been petitioning for a lower score requirement to get into stats because the exam doesn't actually test any skills that you'll need for stats. We just got approval for a lower score literally two seconds before you walked in.

She put an approval note on my record and I was able to sign up for stats.

Now, this may seem silly or trite, but to me it's a big deal. I may not have gotten my 45, but my Heavenly Father took care of me. Funny how he likes to answer prayers in unexpected ways.

Miracles do exist. And for that, I am oh so grateful.
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