Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eeeeeevee!

On Christmas Eve, my family has what we call a Christmas Tree picnic. We eat open-faced sandwiches cut with Christmasy cookie cutters, chips and french onion dip, cherry jello, special punch (lemonade, squirt, and cherry koolaide), deviled eggs, and delightful homemade brownies. 

Then, we kick anyone who doesn't live here out. (Okay, so really, they go home to get ready for Christmas, there's no kicking). We read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Then, we start wrapping. One by one, we go to bed. Youngest brother, next brother, little sister, then mom, then me, then dad. We all have various roles in 'helping' Santa. 

Oh. And my sister and I watch a billion youtube videos between all the wrapping and stocking-stuffing madness.

It's glorious. 

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?
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