Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've had a bit of a rough day. I got an awful grade on a paper that I spent some quality time on and felt pretty good about. 90 points out of 150 with the comment "You weren't even in the ballpark!" Thanks, teacher. Way to make me feel good about life. I know we get to choose how we react to things and choose to be happy, but it's difficult to not let something like that get you a little down.

All the silly memorizing of things that I'll forget the second the test is over, or adjusting my projects/papers to "suck up" to the teacher's views and ideologies- it just drives me nuts! Sometimes I wonder why I'm even in school. I know why I take certain classes. I love learning. I'm really really enjoying my parks and rec class this semester. And I love learning how to do things and make things. I even like writing, presenting, and performing. When it comes to certain classes though, I wonder why I'm jumping through all the hoops.

Yes, I know it'll get me a degree. And after four and a half years of college, I'm determined to get that degree. However, on days like this, I wonder if that piece of paper we call a diploma is worth the silly hoops.
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