Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tag, I'm it

My new blogger BFF eday tagged me to fill out this quaint little questionnaire. It's probably been forever since I last did one of these. So, let's be honest, I'm stoked.

Four Shows I Watch: Sonny with a Chance, Big Bang Theory, Full House (on DVD), & Pushing Daisies (Also on DVD).
Four Things I'm Passionate About: Creating, my beliefs, my family and friends, & music.

Four Phrases I Say A Lot: "Let's be honest", "What just happened?", "holy hannah", &"barf bag".

Four Things I've Learned from the Past: don't catch your falling straightener by the hot metal blade...

don't wear your favorite pants when you might be falling off a train in order to protect your precious camera...
sometimes you've just got to not care about how you look and dance in the rain with your friends
Pants have two pant legs for a reason. You don't need to put both legs in one of them. If you're going for that look, just buy a pencil skirt.

Four Places I Would Like to Go: Rome, Disney World, Mackinac Island, & Santa's Workshop.

Four Things I Did Yesterday:  Country swing dancing, lounged in pajamas and continued my HP marathon, ate ridiculous amounts of macaroni and cheese, & sang Christmas songs.

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday shopping with my fam, & the rest of my life. 

Four Things I Love About Winter: Snowflakes, Ice Skating, Celebrating with friends and family, & the music.

Four Things on My Wish List: a kiss, Cheesecake Factory red velvet cheesecake, a silhouette, & an amazing holiday season with family and friends.

Now it's your turn!
Whose turn? 
Oh, how about:
Nichelle  of Vintage Wanna Bee
Andrea of Good Morning Life
& Autumn of Future Mrs. Autumn
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