Monday, November 15, 2010

saturday is a special day

Remember how I was going to go to Noodles and Co.? Tragically, the closest location is Layton and not Ogden. Now, I know that Layton isn't too much farther, but once I realized that this place was in Ogden...

I wasn't too disappointed.

So, I'll just have to get my noodles fix over Thanksgiving Break.

Ask me if I was freezing. I'll bet you can guess the answer!

The Pie is awesome and they light a candle under your pizza to keep it warm. Legit.

When they call a pizza "Mountain of Meat" they mean it. 

One of my favorite things about The Pie is that their pizza is SO cheesy.  Mmmmm!
Now, here's a little trivia for you. Who knows what this is called?

P.s. Just so you all know, if your $200 straightener is falling to the ground and you don't want it to break, catch it by the handle. NOT by the hot ceramic blade....
You can't see my burn, but it's there and it is painful.
How was your Saturday?
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