Saturday, November 27, 2010

idk, my bff dale?

This last week, I went bowling with my friends Brad & Jeff. There was this cool older guy who was bowling by himself and he was daaaaang good. After he finished his three games, he ordered some cheese fries and sat down at the table by our lane and watched us bowl.

So, you're probably thinking what I was thinking: weirdie. Only, it turns out he was actually a really nice old man who hangs out at bowling alleys and not a creeper old man who hangs out at bowling alleys. His name is Dale.

After we finished our third game, I was putting away my ball and my new bowling BFF, Dale stopped me and asked if he could give me a tip. I said yes because, well, he had been doubling my scores so obvi he knows a little somethin' somethin' about bowling.

Turns out I "over bowl" and I needed to use a heavier ball. Also, I rush. (Which I've known my whole life. I just feel awkward with everyone staring at my but while I go bowl. Can I get a holla on that one?)

Last night, I went bowling again. I used a heavier ball and I took a deep breath before I bowled. 'Cause my BFF Dale said so. And I ROCKED the socks off of that bowling alley! I bowled a 125, a 123, (and I was a little less rockin' on the third game so, we're not going to talk about it.) I know that good bowlers get over 200, but for someone who is thrilled to pass up 100, I was stoked.

In other news, who knew Demi and Selena were on Barney together when they were little? Um, I didn't! Look how cute Demi is in her little glasses!
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