Wednesday, November 17, 2010

candy and honken

This Friday is our big IWA girls choice fall dance. Do you know what that means?

My floor is perma-glittered.

But look how cool these decorations are turning out!

And that's not even the best part. Our advisor, Casey, has made life size replicas of all the characters from the Candy Land game.

Oh, did I not mention the theme? It's Candy Land. Did anyone wonder why I was going back on sugar this Friday? Well, that's why. :)

Last year around the time of dance planning, Jessie and I realized we were meant to be. We spent 24/7 together buying stuff for the dance. And now, our friends Janielle and Nichelle are in charge of the dance planning. So, it's just a big circle of dance planning love.

Last time we were dance planning, Jessie and I discovered a Japanese restaurant in our local mall that has the most divine honey chicken and lo mein. I also love their spring rolls. When we have boy stories, we go get honey chicken. When we're sad because we don't have boy stories, we go get honey chicken. When we could care less about boy stories, we go get honey chicken. When we break a nail, we use that as an excuse for honey chicken.

It really is that good.

And now we're introduced Janielle and Nichelle to what we've affectionately started calling "honken". And now we're one big happy dance decorating honken family.
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