Monday, October 25, 2010

that height thing

Because it has come up at least a billion times today (okay, really only 4),
I am tall. Just a fourth of an inch away from 6 feet. Did you know that?

I wear heels. Number a- I love them. Number b- there was one time that my great uncle told me "tall girls should wear heels and not care what other people think."

I've complained a lot about my height in my life. Though, I really only have two complaints. Pants and Boys. They just never come long enough, and if they're long enough, they aren't cute. ;)  (I'm teasing, I've managed to find boys and pants that are both tall and cute.)

Lately, I've been learning to embrace my height. Models are all tall, tall-ness is generally recognized as a sign of beauty. So, I should like it, right?

Today, a funny teacher stopped me on my way to institute class. He said to me "it's so refreshing to see a tall girl." I kind of chuckled and thanked him graciously. Then he said "And you won't have to marry a short boy." Three cheers for that plan. Just now, I was reading my favie blog, BBL, and she commented on awkward tall hugs in this cute guest post. I thought "touche!" and promptly came here to blog about it.

One more thing: no, I don't play basketball. And if you ask me if I do, I'll ask you if you play mini golf. kthxbye. :)
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